Thursday, November 24, 2011

How does a YMCKO print ribbon work for an id card printer?

Dye sublimation id card machines use a print ribbon that contains panels of color and other needed layers. Each panel passes over the blank card in order until the panel pass is complete and the card contains the colors and overlays necessary to duplicate the design on the card.
The YMC are the three panels of color. Standing for yellow,magenta,and cyan,these panels orderly move over the card and provide the amount of color necessary to produce a full color image where needed and other colors desired according to the badge design.
Once the color has been placed on the card,the K panel of the id card printer ribbon passes over the card to provide resin black printing for black text and bar codes.
Using a YMCKO ribbon,the card is completed after the o panel has been applied to the card. This overlay panel is a clear protective panel that covers the colors on the badge.

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