Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesson Learnt

Mistake (Today):

1. Athena is not a chip model.

2. It isn’t a complete end-to-end card with chip & OS either.

3. It is an OS by itself, and it is java based

4. And talking about java based, there are plenty, not just JCOP, and I tot JCOP is the only java based OS available in the market.

5. I mixed up that Java based as proprietary (native) when it is actually Open Source.

6. I mixed up that MTCOS is an Open Source when it is a proprietrary.

Mistake (Yesterday):

1. Not knowing about MIFARE features, which is more like a memory card without processing capability and it’s only 1KB. Example: Touch n Go’

2. Not knowing that 80K card can be segmentized to only use either 32K, 64K, or any other value lower than 80K.

3. Not knowing that this 80K size is referring to EEPROM.

4. Can’t differentiate between EEPROM (can write and erase when electricity present), ROM (data is written beforehand and is locked, hence cannot erase), EPROM (write using UV).

5. Not knowing how cluster work, and that components needed are external disk storage for it to store data, rather than using a server disk. And that an Active Directory has to be present. To have AD, must use Cluster Server OS software.

6. Can’t differentiate SAN and normal disk storage by jst reading from its name. StorageWork can be of SAN and disk storage. And that EVA refers to Enterprise Virtual Array, which is actually a HP SAN.

7. Not realising that for backup purpose, a Netbackup or Data Protector (software) has to be installed together with an external backup tape (hardware).

8. Not knowing that Oracle is per server license and SQL is per user license.

9. Not knowing that Linux doesn’t have CAL (Client Access License).

10. Can’t differentiate between blade, rack and tower server by seeing the model name.

11. Not realizing that blade server needs a chassis (enclosure) and that rack server need not to. And that blade saves space. Both blade server and rack server needs a rack (acting as a cabinet). And rack is measurable by U (1 rack unit, which is about 48cm (w) x 4.45cm (h)). And rack can be up to 42U. Each blade or rack server size is measurable by U, like example one blade size is 2U.

12. Not knowing the reason of using C3000 and C7000 enclosure, and that C3000 can cater for 8 half height blade server and C7000 cater for 16 half height blade server.

13. Not knowing what is latent image (distorted imperfect image), and intaglio printing (texture can be touched and feel with bare hand).

14. Not knowing that printing using UV ink and normal visible ink needs different ink tank and print head. Else, a technology has to be there in order for printing in one-go.

15. Not knowing that hologram must have an origination (mastering) that costs a bomb.

16. Not sensitive over the method of printing that a certain printer could do and its consumables if it is an inkjet printing.

Sort of upset with myself. It is such a shame for me as I dun even understand the basic thing about the product in my industry. And I have been around for 1.5 year. Somehow a newbie which is about 3 months knws it quite well, yea, the hard way!

I supposed to memorize and hard code it from the day my senior taught it sometime back. But I did not, and I made a fool of myself for asking a junior to explain it to me. And com’on, I m a freshly promoted Asst. Mgr and I should be expected to know it quite well seemingly I m the one who is writing the tender! And I m so darn ashamed of myself.

Thankfully (though I m not supposed to), my boss did not realize my weakness on this. He had earlier gave a “lecture” to that newbie coz he is expecting her to know it well since it is our industry. Nevertheless she got all the darnest cruel “lecture” jst for the sake of being new and not knowing things around. And I wonder what would be his expression if he found out that I dun know that too? I m pretty sure he will be very upset about me, for not knowing such simple thing and worse still he has jst promoted me!