Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reduce The Picture Size in Your Mail

It is very common for us to attach the pictures in our mail when we try to illustrate something to the receiver, or try to show the real picture to the receiver. What we usually do is print the screen, paste it in the Paint program, make some amendment and copy the picture to paste it to the mail. However, by copying and pasting the picture directly to the mail will usually take up the size of few Mega Bytes (MB) of the mail, which will bomb the receiver's mailbox.
There is a very simple way that you can attach the exactly same picture to your mail and it takes up only few hundreds Kilo Bytes (KB) of the mail, which is about 5 to 6 times smaller size than using copy and paste method. So why not give it a try by following the guides below.

1. After amending your picture in Paint program, save the picture as any picture format (i.e. BMP, JPEG, GIF, etc).

2. Go to Create -> Picture, window will pop up for you to select the picture file that you want to create from your Lotus Notes.

3. Select the picture file and click Import. The picture will be attached to your mail.

By having these extra 3 steps, your mail size can be reduced significantly.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"My Lotus Notes hangs once I logon"
"My Lotus Notes doesn't launch and it gives me an error message"
"My Lotus Notes is forever at the loading screen after I key-in my password"

Do you have a Notes client disaster preparedness plan? What will you do when Notes crashes on you? Unless you like restarting your computer, which is often what you have to do after a Notes client crash, you need to make sure you have a tool ready to restart Notes. You're in luck, because KillNotes.exe will let you recover from a Notes crash without restarting your computer.

This problem occurs when the Notes was not being shut down properly or it is still loading or not responding.

How Does KillNotes works?
KillNotes stops all Notes sessions and delete the temporarily files so you can restart Notes without rebooting your machine. In such case, be cautious that you do not run the KillNotes.exe while there is nothing wrong with your Notes to avoid your Lotus Notes being terminated and all your works in Lotus Notes will be gone.