Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dead Mails

When Phil issues the 'show server' console command on his Domino 6 SMTP server, he notices he has 412 dead messages. Where does Phil go to look at the dead mail?


what do you think???

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lotus Notes: Compression & Encryption for TCP Port

How to enable compression & encryption for one TCP port & disable it for another TCP port:

From Domino Admin Client go to Server-->Status tab

Select Tools-->Ports -->Setup-->New

Select Name as TCPIP1 & Driver as TCP

Note : there will be default port as TCPIP already

Now you can enable compression & encryption for one of the port & disable for other by selecting respective tabs.

After it you need to restart server or at least TCP ports by "tell tcpip quit" & "load tcpip"


You can Enable the new TCP port in Server Document-->Ports--> Notes Network Ports.

After this restart the server again.

Now you can setup new connection document for any server using one of the port.